What should you do if your children have head lice? Which products work and which don’t? Do any of them pose a health danger? Find the answer to these and other questions on “The Lice Plague” on C33’s science program.

There are 3,000 types of lice, but only one, pediculus capitis, infests the human head and scalp and can only live there. And this is precisely what makes them so hard to get rid of.

Reporter Anna Lasaga visits a school in Barcelona’s Olympic Village to learn about their ongoing battle against this problematic insect. Then she visits the Pharmaceutical Studies Department at the University of Barcelona to find out which natural and synthetic products work best to fight nits. Parasitologist Montserrat Portús evaluates home remedies, from vinegar to gasoline, and explains how to use the different pharmaceutical products available, while dermatologist Eulàlia Baselga shows how the products should be applied and stresses the importance of repeating the treatment after a few days to avoid a recurrence of head lice. From the studio, Marc Boada, explains why some types of lice build up a resistance to insecticides, which has to do with these insects’ fast reproduction cycle.